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My name is Elena Rahrig and I work with professional speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, business coaches, and aspiring thought leaders to transform their ideas into Empires of success. I’ve spent over fifteen years consuming the very best training courses for public speakers and authors, from London to Los Angeles. I’ve gathered all the best resources to truly transform your business. My courses will walk you through how to truly get what you want in life. I offer programs that will not only teach you, they will ensure you reach your next level of success. I encourage you to take a look through the transformation reviews, training courses, and memberships offered below. Today is the day to begin building your Empire.

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Empire Creator Membership

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  • Full access to all 8 academies.

  • Full access to all 4 programs.

  • Full access to Elena’s 8 published books.

  • Send in your request for lessons you need when you need them.

Entrepeneur Membership

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  • Gain limited access to all 8 academies.

  • Gain limited access to programs.

  • Gain limited access to Elena’s published books.

  • Get a complimentary strategy session with Elena.

  • When you are ready to advance to the next level, you will only pay the difference.

Business Owner Membership

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  • Learn enough in each academy to expand your knowledge and get your business on the right path.

  • Join the Transform secret Facebook group where new content is posted weekly.

  • Join in weekly video conferences.

  • Join in weekly phone conferences.

  • Chance to win our weekly prize give-aways.

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Your expertise, sprinkled with the energy you bring to the table is exceptional and unique. I pray for your territory to be enlarged and I thank you for allowing me to share your space during this season of our lives. You are more than my publisher, editor, program developer, Transform MasterMinds – you are MY FRIEND and I don’t take that lightly. The best is yet to come! Because I care – I share. Daria

Elena Rahrig is a person I highly respect and admire. We were introduced to each other during a collaboration of publishing the book SUCCESS – Powered By Relationships. Elena is the publisher, and the book has won an award after being released in May 2016. Elena is the founder of the Transform MasterMinds Group where she is teaching/grooming individuals that are serious about being the great person God created them to be. She is an editor, publisher, coach, consultant, program developer just to name a few! Elena Rahrig is Founder of Elena Rahrig Transform and Otter Publishing New York. If you are looking for someone who doesn’t think out the box – but crushes all the boxes so there is none to think outside of – you found the treasure at the end of the rainbow….Elena Rahrig is indeed a treasure filled knowledge and experience and she is willing and qualified extensively to TRANSFORM YOU!

Daria Dillard Stone: Author “SUCCESS powered by relationships”Transform Masterminds “The Successor Team”

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